haute or not: men and their cocktail rings

So today, I was on NecoleBitchie catching up on my celebrity gossip when I spotted the following picture of Beyonce and Jay-Z playing footsie with each other at a Nets home game.

And there it was staring up at me?  Jay-Z and his feline-inspired ring. I instantly scrunched up my face and said oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is the world coming to? First Wayne and his skinny jeans; now Jay and his “cocktail” ring. Oh no!

Let me just put this out there: I have never been a fan of men and their cocktail rings. I think they are ostentious and simply ridiculous. I can safely add these rings to my list of things I just don’t get.
                                      Number 1: Men in  printed skinny jeans

                                      Number 2: The pimpish pinky ring (the original cocktail ring)

                                      Number 3: Other cocktail rings worn by men

All trends are not meant to be gender neutral. A cocktail ring isnt like the color green. Both sexes can’t wear it. I know many may not agree, but whatever, this is my blog. =) To me, its not haute to see a man in a cocktail ring! When I say cocktail ring, I mean something huge, gaudy, statement rings. Hence, I keep fighting someone close to me on his love of pinky rings and his wish for me to gift him one.

 I hope that this is not a trend that others follow. I hope it stops with Jigga Man! I don’t want to see the boys on the block with feline rings. I just don’t. Can you imagine you go to shake a gentleman’s hand and you look down to see a cat roaring up at you from his middle finger? Me neither!

 Well maybe he was inspired by Mr. T!


 I often think I have myopic vision when it comes to men’s fashion. This just must be a case of that. Well sorry for the rant! Hope you a have Terrific Tuesday!

 Here are other gents with their rings:

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Source: Pearls and Peacocks