Bloggers Got Style Too! (June 10-June 16)

Source: Pearls and Peacocks



I really love Macdemian Girl’s style! Its so unique, colorful, and bold. Quoted as saying “she is in a loving relationship with fashion, and true love lasts a lifetime.” Her statement truly rings evident in her looks. You can just tell that she eats, breathes, and lives fashion. I heart her so be sure to check out her blog, its wonderful!
As summer approaches, I inevitably gravitate toward colorful looks. Maybe that’s why I chose these looks. They all have bright, colorful touches rather its the pants, shoes, or accessories. I just love color in the summer.  And here they are, now introducing……..


 My favorite looks of the week from a few of my favorites:


Sweet Lime
Ann Taylor’s Got It Goin On

Pastel + Neon
Clutch Time
La Villa de L’Amour
Casual Cobalt Lookbook