Bloggers Got Style Too! (July 8-July 14)

Bloggers Got Style Too! (July 8-July 14)


My blogger of the week is eat.sleep.wear. and apparently Lucky thinks she is haute too! I love her style! From her looks, its very clear that her style is very clean and modern. Nothing to gaudy or eccentric. This traditional style maverick is one to follow! Be inspired from her daily posts, looks, and photography! See her passion for fashion daily at eat.sleep.wear.

This week, I thought I would do something different; something to add variety. This week our looks of the week were selected by country on my favorite style site, lookbook. This week our looks come from Poland. Why Poland? Well my favorite, Macademian Girl, is from Poland so I started with her country. Enjoy these minty, floral, and edgy looks. Now introducing……..

Moje ulubione spojrzenia tygodnia z Polski
(My favorite looks of the week from Poland)