Bloggers Got Style! (July 15 – July 21)

Its that time! Bloggers Got Style! (July 15- July 21)

So I was randomly found this blog, but my love for it was instantaneous. The Skinny Hipster is just so hip. Her style is so haute to me! I love her look. From her clothes to her accessories to her hair, she has a style worthy of emulation. If you haven’t, you should definitely follow this blog. Kudos to The Skinny Hipster for her chic style.

Well this week, I want to feature looks that caught my eye the moment I saw them just like my Blogger of the Week. Usually my eye is drawn to prints, sequins, leather, feathers,stripes, and patterns so these looks instantly jumped at me obviously. Anywho, hope you enjoy my loves at first sight. Now introducing…….
My Favorite Looks of the Week

Stripes Floral
Feather and Sequins Lookbook
Pristine Pleats
The Marcy Stop
Shorts, Tees, and Blazer
Floral Prints & Yellow Tweed