Get Geek Chic with these frames !!!!!!!!

Get Geek Chic with these frames !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooooooo, somehow someway I have lost my D&G eyeglasses. They were my first designer frames, and I really loved them. So now the search begins for a new pair, and I am what designer or style I am looking for. I just know that I want them to be geek chic and go perfectly with my face, and its about time I start looking.

My first source of inspiration was this picture of Jennifer Lopez for Vogue Italia May 2010.


After looking around, here are some glasses that might just do (and my try on pic from Pearle Vision). Clearly, I can’t do the small circle lenses. My favorites are the Coach, Burberry, Tiffany’s and Vogue frames.
Julyane by Coach

Burberry BE2073


Anne Klein AK8099
Ray-Ban RX5154
Closer look at the lookbook.