All About Me This Week

Source: Pearls and Peacocks

Another week has passed us by and here are the highlights of my week.
On Sunday, B and I celebrated our 3 month anniversary. Woo hoo! Cheers to us and many more!
I had two dates with my sis this week. The first was to our favorite burger joint, Top Notch. Man, those burgers and chocolate oreo shakes are awesome!
The second was at my guys’ 6th Annual Cosby Sweater Party. Hence, we all have on sweaters in the pictures. B, my sis, and I all went and so did my new buddy, S. I had a great time even though that Papa Smurf drank got the best of me. Sidenote:  Papa Smurf and I have known each other since college thanks to my male besties R and J, and its still one of my favorite drinks. It claims many people, but taste so good going down. Follow the movement on twitter, @PapaSmurfDrink.

Anywho, this party was a chance for me to wear my Proenza Schouler Sweatshirt. It was so comfy, so comfy chic. I wore it with leggings and my thigh-high boots.


Proenza Schouler ($29.99)
Bebe ($199)
GoJane ($39.95)
Rachel Zoe ($599.99)

Last but not least, I wore my necklace that I won from The Closet Chemist! I love it. I wore it with my Oh My Chic Sweatshirt from Ily Couture.

Ily Couture ($45)

BTW….my favorite purchase of the week was the silver wing ear cuffs from Baublebar.

Baublebar ($28)