31 Things To Do Before I Turn 31

1.        Do 1 DIY project each month

2.       Get married on the 2nd of September

3.       Remove pop from my diet (yikes!)

4.       Draft a Chic Lit book

5.       Redo my closet

6.       Learn how to sew (for real this time)

7.        Go see a play

8.       Go to the ballet

9.       Take a pole dancing class

10.    Try cooking one new dish a month

11.     Start using an editorial calendar for my blog

12.    Transition blog over to wordpress

13.    Take photography classes

14.    Buy a canon camera

15.    Clean out email (trivial I know but I have too many)

16.    Upgrade to an iPhone

17.     Buy a watch

18.    Volunteer

19.    Say what, get active

20.   Spend more time with my family and friends

21.    Go to church more

22.   Say what, skee wee! Get active!

23.   Learn Japanese

24.   Attend at least 3 fashion events

25.   Try v-blogging

26.   Learn how to make cards

27.    Go to a hockey game

28.   Go thrifting

29.   Make cookies from scratch

30.   Go to the top of Sears Tower

31.    Run/Walk a  5k