Pearls and Peacocks began in September of 2010. I was trying to think of ways to creatively express myself. Initially, I wanted to open a boutique. Then, I wanted to design and make jewelry. I still have lots of ideas running throught my head, but only time will  tell what’s in store for me.

While I wait to see how I will  impact the fashion industry, I decided to do what comes natural to me, and that’s writing. Why not write about  fashion? I follow all the blogs, read all the magazines, and browse all the shops (virtually of course). So, I started Pearls and Peacocks.

Pearls and Peacocks is the union of my writers mind and my eye for fashion.

Why Pearls? Every pretty girl loves pearls! 20 to be exact!

Why Peacocks? They are so excotic and beautiful. They are simply stunning.


From genes to jeans: Come explore the realms of fashion through my geekish eye!



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