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Happy Bday Jay-Z!

Enjoy my bday tribute to @S_C_ on his 43rd! Best Rapper Alive Advertisements

I love this dapper ad featuring Jay-Z

I love this dapper ad featuring Jay-Z http://ow.ly/ct3Hr

Watch My Style: Jay-Z Wearing A $330 BBC Military Mulit Mamo Molle Jacket & Just Don Brooklyn Nets Leather Hat

Over this past weekend, my idol Jay-Z performed at Radio 1′s Hackney Weekend in London. During his set, Jigga brought out Roc Nation princess Rihanna for “Run This Town” and Kanye West for “Otis”, “Gotta Have It”,…

haute or not: men and their cocktail rings

So today, I was on NecoleBitchie catching up on my celebrity gossip when I spotted the following picture of Beyonce and Jay-Z playing footsie with each other at a Nets home game. And there it… Continue reading